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Węgiel Film Festival

The aim of the Festival is to present film productions of college and university students from all over the world to a wider audience, as well as a mutual exchange of creative experiences and integration of film schools. Public presentation of film works is a great opportunity for students to see the art and craft of their colleagues. It allows to exchange opinions on presented ideas and the artistic side of the films. It also provides opportunity to get your work appreciated by a professional jury and a large audience. Another goal of the festival and its accompanying events is an integration of the participants: joint discussions and fun. “Węgiel” Student Film Festival is a unique event, organized with great passion by the students of the second year of Film and Television Production course at the University of Silesia’s Krzysztof Kieslowski Radio and Television Faculty. Year after year it enjoys increasing popularity well beyond the borders of our country.

The Festival is organized in Katowice, the capital city of Silesia, the region which is by many associated with heavy industry and coal mines. This is what gave the “Węgiel” Festival its special name.

Each year the Festival guests include many personalities of the Polish cinema associated with the Radio and Television Faculty, such as Professor Krzysztof Zanussi (film director) and Professor Jerzy Stuhr (actor and film director). For several years, “Węgiel” Student Film Festival has been an internationally recognized event due to many foreign films entering the annual competition.



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University of Silesia

Faculty of Radio and Television
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  • Address: ul. Bytkowska 1B, 40-955 Katowice, Poland
  • Telephone: (+48) 32 258 24 20
  • E-mail: wff@us.edu.pl
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Coordination of the Festival

  • Michał Hudzikowski - tel. (+48) 32 258 24 20 ext. 125
  • E-mail: michal.hudzikowski@us.edu.pl

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