Węgiel Film Festival is a very special  event. It’s the only international film festival in Poland organised completely by students. Year after year the event is created by the students of the second year of Film production at the Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School.

Thanks to that, even after several editions, Węgiel didn’t lose on its up-to-dateness and its charm. Everything that’s happening at the Festival is invented and designed by us for You!

When our predecesors started creating Węgiel – 18 years ago, it wasn’t a film festival yet, it was really just a collection of random things competing against each other. At the beginning Węgiel was hosted  in Cieszyn and later on in Katowice, where we first rented a cinema for it. From the 16th edition we could finally host the Festival in our Film School on the Pawła 3 Street.

The idea of the Festival from the very beginning has been to present the work of Film School students and graduates from all over the world to a wider audience. We’ve fought long for our internationality and after the 13th edition we could proudly announce that more than a half of approximately 2000 submissions are from beyond the borders of our country.

Węgiel is also a perfect occasion to exchange experience and integrate the schools in a creative way. If your film got accepted at Węgiel then you will definitely receive an invitation to participate in the Festival. We’ll organise your stay in Katowice. Doesn’t matter whether you live in Gdynia or in Egypt.

We are really proud that year after year we are working together with companies that are leaders in post-production market and with other prestigious companies working in the film industry. The prizes won by You at Węgiel often make the implementations of the next  film projects easier for you. Remember „The Best Fireworks Ever ” by Aleksandra Terpińska? Yes, the film that won in Cannes the Grand Prix Canal+ prize as a short film.  Two prizes helped in the post-production of this excellent film, the prizes that Ola (our graduate) has won at the Węgiel Film Festival for her movie „America”. We are very proud of it.

You can see  „America” on our Schools YouTube site, at this link:

Confrontation of film achievements is for students a good opportunity to observe the techniques and craft of their colleagues,  as well as opportunity to participate in workshops and masterclasses. We have a separate team every year,  which is planning the accompanying events for You.  You will always find something interesting for young cinematographers, directors and producers.

During the 18th edition of the Węgiel Film Festival for the first time ever we will start a new industry event – market. You can show there your projects, but also meet with the companies and institutions supporting young filmmakers in Poland. In the year 2021 the market will be devoted to sound in film and scenography.

Węgiel is an extraordinary event, organised with a passion. Join us this year!




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